Orange County Karaoke Party DJ:

Sing your way to a great time!

Karake Party

Is your family karaoke machine collecting dust in the corner? When most people think of karaoke, they picture a nightclub or bar with a group of friends daring each other to belt out the classics. But nightclubs and bars come with hefty strings attached. You have to pay for drinks and wait for a turn, and by the time you get up to sing, you could be rushed off the stage by an irritable crowd. If you and your friends are itching to be the next signing sensations, then consider the alternative to karaoke entertainment: Hire a karaoke party DJ at your next event!

Unique & Customized Playlist

Karaoke bars offer limited selection, and you'll probably hear the same music so many times you'll never want to listen to another pop song again. Customized karaoke party DJs have all the hits you love and can create a customized playlist for your party. You won't have to worry about what song people might choose because you're in control of the music. Karaoke is a great way to get everyone involved, especially those who can't carry a tune. Singers and the musically-challenged alike will enjoy a great evening of laughter and fun as you sing your favorite songs from a customized playlist.

Quality Emcee Duties

Karaoke can get out of control without a clear direction. People fight over who's singing next, which songs should come on and what to do next. Parties are no place for tension. Let our professional DJs add the organization a karaoke night needs. With years of experience emceeing at top-notch parties and events, we have the experience you need to keep the party running smoothly. You don't need to worry about song selection, organization or what happens next. Our DJs will keep the music going while you sit back and enjoy your friends singing hilarious renditions of classic tunes.

Heckle-Free Party Night

We can't guarantee that your friends won't laugh, but we can assure you that your customized party night will only include friendly fire. Getting up on stage to sing at a nightclub opens you up to ridicule, but using a professional karaoke party DJ ensures that you and your friends enjoy a private party. You get all the fun without the heckling! So go ahead and sing that Top 40 hit at the top of your lungs while we take care of the music.

You and your friends will enjoy a private show for just you without having to worry about being booed off the stage. Karaoke offers you a great chance to get outside your comfort zone and enjoy your favorite music in a different way. Whether you're hosting a wedding shower, bar mitzvah or anniversary party, our team can deliver quality service and support every time. If you're looking for a great way to add personality and fun to your next Orange County shindig, then consider hiring a professional karaoke party DJ to pump up the volume.

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